Mellby Gård in society

Strong social commitment

Mellby Gård has a strong commitment to many different issues and areas in society. Some of these are closer to our hearts than others, in particular issues concerning children and education. A fundamental principle of a society is that everyone has the right to a good education, and we therefore want to play our part in driving developments aimed at providing everyone with equal opportunities, both in Sweden and, to the extent we can, in countries beyond our borders as well.

Another area of interest involves the various ways we can help organisations that support women’s rights. Within the field of sports this means that we are one of the largest sponsors of FC Rosengård in Malmö, and our long-term and comprehensive commitment to Trelleborgs FF has enabled us to be a driving force in the creation of competitive activities for women’s football.

“One of the primary objectives of our philanthropic activities is that they should be a catalyst for success,” says Mellby Gård’s CEO Johan Andersson. “Our goal is to see companies progress from promising to leading. In the same way, we want to contribute to the achievement of new, ground-breaking research results, help smaller sports clubs achieve unexpected success and, most importantly, ensure that children and women in vulnerable parts of the world gain access to conditions for a better life and opportunities to fulfil their dreams.”

“We continue to support activities that are linked to Mellby Gård, our companies, and issues that are important to our family. These mainly involve entrepreneurship, research and education. We are aiming to focus on fewer but larger undertakings over time, so that we can play a more active role in the projects in which we are