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Mellby Gård is a family-owned, long-term investor that endeavours to preserve the entrepreneurial spirit of its companies.

Annual Magazine 2022

Every year, we at Mellby Gård produce an annual report where we give an overview of our results and operations, and present the companies in our portfolio. Here you can read how the year of 2022 went in our new Annual Magazine.

The Mellby Gård year in brief

After two fiscal years strongly influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic, 2022 was no less turbulent. However, despite a volatile market affected by wars and cost increases, the year turned out to be our most successful to date. The number of companies below are owned by Mellby Gård AB. Within the group there are also companies owned by Mellby Gård AB's parent company Mellby Gård Intressenter AB.

  • 14

    Company Holdings

  • 11394

    Net Sales SEK M

  • 2165


  • 4228

    Full-time equivalents

Mellby Gård in society

Mellby Gård has always had a strong commitment to society. This is expressed, for example, through statements regarding what we consider important for Swedish business, Swedish tax policy or Swedish education. In other instances, it may involve quite different, more mundane things.