Mellby Gård Farm

About Mellby Gård Farm

The farm that shares its name with the Group has been owned by the Andersson family since 1986. It was pure luck that gave Rune Andersson the opportunity to buy it after the previous buyer pulled out of the deal. The agricultural operation is located just outside Hässleholm, in Skåne county, and consists of forest, arable and pastureland. In addition to this land, Mellby Gård also has large-scale production of pigs for slaughter and suckle cows, and breeds fallow deer for Eriksberg Hotel and Nature Reserve. The deer are transported to Eriksberg, where they live in the large nature reserve known for its extensive diversity of wildlife.

Mellby Gård Farm is a sister company of Mellby Gård. 

Significant events 2023

Investment in solar panels paying off.

Forestry contributes to a good year.

Challenging year in terms of weather.

“When we sum up the year, we can see it was another strong year for forestry. This is due to high demand for timber and high timber prices. We expect prices to stabilize in the future, which we’re taking into account in our felling plans.”

Petter Beckman

Operations Manager, Mellby Gård Jordbruk