Antap Capital

About Antap Capital

Antap Capital is a privately owned investment company that was started in January 2019 by Rune Andersson and Mellby Gård together with Gustaf Tapper. The portfolio consists of both Swedish and foreign shares. The company primarily invests in market-listed shares, but exceptionally also makes investments in unlisted companies. The investment strategy has several foundations but particularly embraces well-run manufacturing companies with high market shares and products that are critical in customers' processes or products.

  • Head office

    : Stockholm

  • Chairman

    : Rune Andersson

Significant events

The war in Ukraine and its residual effects on inflation, monetary policy and the stock market, as well as the geopolitical tensions between China and the United States and Russia and the United States

Dala Energi review of the structure and profitability - Antap Capital is the largest private owner in the electricity grid company.

The central banks' continued tightening of monetary policy at the beginning of the year, which in late autumn was replaced by a wait-and-see attitude and the announcement that the interest rate peak had been reached. The market responded by pricing in a series of interest rate cuts in 2024.

“As an asset manager, you’re rarely satisfied. The challenge is to keep a cool head even during difficult periods on the stock market and not to sell good companies when prices keep falling and falling. Bad companies may go down in a crisis, but in the long run, the stock market will climb to new record highs. Timing is mostly luck – time in the market is more important.”

Gustaf Tapper

CEO, Antap Capital