We want Mellby Gård Group to be operated in a long-term and sustainable manner. We therefore want to make sure that irregularities that could seriously harm Mellby Gård, our holdings’ operations or employees, are attended to and investigated as early as possible.

In order to simplify the process for those who want to provide information about misconduct related to a person in an executive or key position such as;

financial crime such as bribery, theft, fraud and counterfeiting, bookkeeping and other breaches of accounting and tax legislation

a conflict of interest between an employee and Mellby Gård or our companies

other serious irregularities affecting Mellby Gård and our companies’ vital interests or the lives and health of individuals, such as serious environmental crimes, major shortcomings in occupational safety and very serious forms of discrimination and harassment,

we have set up a Whistleblowing function. The function ensures that employees and partners can provide information while at the same time being guaranteed total anonymity. All notifications are received and investigated by an external actor.

You can submit a whistleblowing report via the website address wb.2secure.se, where you should use the company code: btm250.

Postal Address: 2Secure, Box 140, 221 00 Lund
Phone number: 0771-77 99 77