StudentConsulting is one of Scandinavia’s leading staffing and recruitment companies and specialises in students and graduates of academic and vocational programs. StudentConsulting is active in staffing, substitution, recruitment, job matching/readjustment and training. The recruitment network comprises 15,878 customers and approximately 500,000 job seekers in 206 assignment locations in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

StudentConsulting has been an associated company in the Mellby Gård portfolio since 2007. Mellby Gård’s representatives on the Board of Directors are Johan Andersson and Mikael Helmerson.

  • Headquarters: Luleå
  • Sales 2021: SEK 1,204 million
  • Employees (FTE): 1,714
  • Chairman: Robert Dacheskog



StudentConsulting has been finding jobs for students, graduates and professionals for almost two decades. The recruitment agency’s database – a network where jobseekers are digitally matched to the right jobs – contains records for almost half a million people. The company’s turnover broke the billion krona mark in 2021.

StudentConsulting was founded in the late 1990s by – among others – Tobias Lindfors, who is still the CEO. Things really started to take off in 2005, and at that time the company had a turnover of SEK 32 million. The company is growing by about the same amount today – but per month. Turnover reached SEK 1.2 billion in 2021, which represents a 30 per cent increase compared with the previous year.

“Profitable growth is in our DNA. But there’s no such thing as a free lunch. None of our clients (companies looking for temporary staff) can do what we do better or cheaper that we can – and that’s the key to our success. This means we can go on improving what we deliver to our clients: the right person for the right job, at the right time, at the right cost.”


StudentConsulting’s activities include temporary staffing, temporary staff management and recruitment of students, graduates and professionals. Jobseekers register with the company and are placed in a pool. The company’s digital matching system, known as SC Jobbot, then suggests the right person for the right job. This digital preparator work is now so advanced that it saves vast amounts of time and money. There are almost half a million jobseekers in the pool at the moment, and the system has been developed so that it now includes graduates seeking temporary employment or permanent jobs.

“We’ve spent two decades building and refining the system. A new consultancy app was launched in 2021, further upgrades to the system were launched and in early 2022 along with an enhanced application for scheduling and job passport orders. Based on what the client orders, the system suggests the right people for the job and sends out passport requests to candidates. The candidates then respond and the client/ordering party receives the appointed job passports.”

As stated, the StudentConsulting matching system contains more than 500,000 candidates and 17,022 clients, and 15,878 job placements were made at 206 assignment locations in Sweden, Norway and Denmark in 2021.


StudentConsulting underwent accelerated growth during the pandemic. Large numbers of staff on sick leave in many workplaces created a major need for temps and substitute staff, not least in the country’s schools.

“The pandemic meant we could demonstrate our capabilities. We’ve been seeing extreme demand for fast, flexible temporary staff management, and of course even candidates in our pool have to take sick leave occasionally. But we decided early on in the pandemic to invest and maximise our pool and not hold back, and that decision has really paid off.”

StudentConsulting has significantly outperformed its competitors during the pandemic and is now one of Scandinavia’s top ten temporary staffing and recruitment companies. Moreover, its digital screening is so effective that there are economies of scale to be had as more matching requests are received. That’s why the company’s profitability is increasing more than its growth in sales.

The company has identified a number of sectors in which is can focus its activities: e-commerce, warehousing and logistics, transport, customer service, supply teachers, IT, finance and administration, and production.

“These are all areas where there are frequent changes in the need for temporary staffing, and speed and flexibility are often key here. StudentConsulting is also seeing strong growth in terms of recruitment. Increasing numbers of exclusive contracts are being signed with both companies and local authorities. The company has contracts with the municipalities of Boden, Luleå and Piteå regarding recruitment of both employees and managers.”

StudentConsulting is at the forefront in private employment services, taking the highest employment percentage among all companies. It’s anticipated that volumes in this field will increase still further in years to come, as parts of the employment service are to be outsourced more widely to private operators.

“According to Evimetrix, StudentConsulting has taken the title of having the most satisfied customers in the temporary staffing industry; for the seventh consecutive year. With an increase in turnover of around SEK 300 million in 2021 along with doubling of profitability, we start 2022 with our strong growth ongoing and are continuing just as before.”


Turnover broke the billion krona mark, increasing by SEK 300 million to SEK 1.2 billion with doubling of profits.

The industry’s most satisfied customersfor the seventh consecutive year.

15,878 jobs were filled in 2021.