trelleborgs ff


We want to offer children and young people the opportunity to try football and enjoy meaningful leisure time”

Trelleborgs FF offers all boys and girls the opportunity to train and play football, thus making them part of the scope that builds established elite teams in the long run. Its activities are based on a non-profit commitment where everybody involved actsas important ambassadors for Trelleborgs FF. The association creates opportunities for everybody to develop as part of Trelleborgs FF: as players, as leaders and as people.


The ambition for Trelleborgs FF is for football to be accessible to everybody in the city. Off the pitch, the association is a force to be reckoned with, using locally based initiatives to create a sense of hope for the future among young people and adults alike. The ability to see every individual and understand the city’s needs allows Trelleborgs FF to build long-term relationships and remain a strong association.

The association is an integral part of Trelleborg for the city’s residents. Trelleborgs FF offers all boys and girls the opportunity to be active by playing football. No fewer than 600 young people and more than 100 leaders are active members of the club. Trelleborgs FF cherishes its club activities and wants its activities to benefit everybody. This is why Trelleborgs FF actively work to get more people in the city moving.

“We can see there’s a real need to encourage people to be active. Many young people nowadays don’t exercise, unfortunately, which affects both their physical and mental health. We’re also seeing a trend where young people decide to drop football and club activities as they get older. We want to use our activities to offer children and young people the opportunity to give football a try and enjoy meaningful leisure time. Our activities are designed for both boys and girls, and we use long-term approaches to make sure football is an integral part of the children’s lives.”


All active members of Trelleborgs FF – members, leaders and football players – live by the association’s core values, which are characterised by humility, a sense of community, openness and respect for the equal worth of all people. These core values permeate everything the association does and form part of specific activities both on and off the pitch. Trelleborg FF runs “TFF – En kraft i samhället” [TFF – A force to be reckoned with], which is the umbrella name for all community initiatives run by the association.

“We run a series of initiatives and activities as part of “TFF – A force to be reckoned with” so that we can help improve our local community.” The “Motivationslyftet för unga idrottare” [Motivation boost for young athletes] project is just one of many successful examples. This partnership project is the first of its kind in Sweden, and Trelleborgs FF’s youth players work with self-leadership and take responsibility for their training, schooling and health in order to prevent mental illness both now and in the future.


“We also give lectures to Year 4 students at schools, entitled “Vi i rörelse” [We’re on the move]. At weekends and during holidays, we open up our sports halls and football pitches by way of an extension to this lecture so that children and young people can have the chance to play and get themselves moving.”

Trelleborgs FF also works with selective measures with a view to reinforcing cohesion in the city. The club has held a fundraiser for the refuge for women in the city, for instance, and the association visited old people’s homes in 2021. Trelleborgs FF is now looking forward to a new year, with new opportunities together with partners.

“Our long-term partnerships with the business community are incredibly valuable. We maintain continuous lines of communication with Mellby Gård on how we can improve the association and the cooperation with various stakeholders. We’re looking to 2022 with confidence, and we’re hoping to achieve superb results both on the pitch and in the community.”