Perituskliniken opened on 1 September 2020 and is one of the country’s most modern and best equipped expert clinics. Initially, the clinic is focusing on the diagnosis and surgical treatment of urinary tract conditions. Perituskliniken has been made possible by three owner families: the Andersson family (Mellby Gård), Mats Paulsson (PEAB), and Göran Ennerfelt and Antonia Ax:son Johnson.

Perituskliniken has been an associated company in the Mellby Gård portfolio since 2018. Mellby Gård’s representative on the Board of Directors is Johan Andersson (Chairman).

  • Location: Medicon Village in Lund
  • Employees (FTE): 30
  • Chairman: Johan Andersson



There’s a major need to increase capacity when it comes to Swedish healthcare services so as to reduce the growing queues for healthcare. Perituskliniken can offer complementary services in this regard, mainly in the field of urology, and contracts with the healthcare regions are vital as a way of helping to bring about faster diagnosis and treatment for more people. Perituskliniken offers “care without waiting”, which allows the clinic to really make a difference and be there for everybody.

The clinic gets its patients from three sources: contract patients from the Swedish healthcare regions in which Perituskliniken is a contracted healthcare provider; via insurance companies; or private patients who seek the services of the clinic directly. Perituskliniken signed contracts with public and private healthcare providers in 2021, and there was a gradual increase in patient flows.

“We thought getting contracts with the regions would be easier and that there’d be more patients, but we maintain good communication with the regions and are working to establish more of a presence so that we can show we’re there to help when the need arises. We’re expecting to see greater patient flows from 2022 onwards as people simply can’t put off the treatment they need any longer.”

Perituskliniken was awarded a direct contract by Region Skåne in 2021 for the treatment of gynaecological cancer. The clinic also has a healthcare guarantee agreement with Region Halland for benign urology. Perituskliniken signed health insurance contracts with a number of the market’s major insurance companies, as well as concluding contracts with other private healthcare providers. Aleris, for example, performs orthopaedic surgery on knee and hip patients four days a week.

“Private healthcare providers joining forces to bring down waiting times is a new feature in Swedish healthcare.”


What sets Perituskliniken apart from other hospitals is that it combines excellence and technology under one roof. Its modern facilities include diagnostics with a separate X-ray department(offering MRI and PET/CT scans), specimen taking and operating theatres with a robot for keyhole surgery.

Perituskliniken can live up to its motto, “care without waiting”, by having all parts of the investigation chain at its disposal. The same investigations that take public healthcare services between 60 and 130 days can be completed in around a fortnight here.

“No other private or public healthcare provider in the Nordic countries offers the same quality at all stages, the way we do. Simply, Perituskliniken is a big hospital in a small body.”

The use of new technologies sets Perituskliniken apart from other private healthcare providers. Most urology clinics in Sweden perform prostate biopsies without prior MRI examination using tissue samples taken via the rectum. Perituskliniken uses what’s known as fusion technology with both ultrasound and MRI, as well as samples taken via the skin instead of the rectum. This method increases precision as well as minimising the risk of infection. Moreover, laser vaporisation is used to treat benign prostate enlargement, resulting in minimal discomfort and aftercare for patients.

“We have oncologists, urologists and radiologists at the clinic, so we can also offer multidisciplinary conferences for patients who’ve been diagnosed with cancer. We’re the only private clinic offering this in Sweden today.”


Resources are needed in order to build and establish a hospital. Creating a new team while also managing complex regulatory and clinical requirements so as to ensure effective, safe care is both exciting and challenging.

Besides the fact that Perituskliniken already provides additional capacity for Swedish healthcare services, there’s potential for development in a range of areas. Going forward, the clinic will be focusing on increasing its presence in the Swedish regions still further and exploring participation in training projects.

“We have a fantastic medical team. They have unique experience and expertise in fields such as incontinence surgery. Not many people have that these days, so we can help to train more specialists in the field.”

There will also be opportunities to go on working in partnership with other private and public healthcare providers for surgical treatments of women’s cancers such as breast cancer and gynaecological cancer, for example.

There’s an ambition to establish Perituskliniken in the international arena. This will be achieved by means of research in radiology and intestinal X-rays, for instance. As patient flows increase and statistical data becomes sufficiently extensive, we are seeing more of an opportunity to participate in major international research partnerships. The clinic has received requests concerning participation in various clinical trials and is assessing opportunities in 2022.

“Nobody has ever opened a private hospital of this magnitude, and Sweden has nothing else like it at the moment. We have a unique opportunity to make a difference – here and now, certainly, but also in the long term.”


Increased visibility for the Swedish regions in order to complement Swedish healthcare.

Contract with Region Skåne to ease the burden of the regional healthcare services, and also with all insurance companies offering health insurance in Sweden.

Cooperation with private healthcare providers to reduce public healthcare queues, offering knee and hip replacement surgery, for example.