With its motto “Everything but a bank” as a guiding principle, Aros Kapital has established itself as a financial partner for small and medium-sized enterprises in the Nordic countries and the UK. Innovative financing solutions in combination with straight talking and rapid service are laying the foundation for better business and greater growth.

Aros Kapital has been an associated company in the Mellby Gård portfolio since 2015. Mellby Gård’s representatives on the Board of Directors are Thomas Gustafsson and Gustav Andersson.

  • Headquarters: Gothenburg
  • Sales 2021: SEK 341 million
  • Employees (FTE): 50
  • Chairman: Hans Berggren



Capital is needed for growth and development. Aros Kapital aims to make this possible by being “everything but a bank”. Corporate finance in partnership rather than bureaucratic red tape has proven to be a winning concept for the company, which saw its best year ever in 2021.

Aros Kapital works solely with financing solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises; financing property purchases or technology initiatives made possible thanks to loans or leasing. Lending is quick and easy thanks to an automated process, often with loan approval and payment of funds within one or two days. Aros Kapital offers loans of up to SEK 500,000 in partnership with the European Investment Fund, which guarantees up to 80 per cent of the loan (the company is responsible for the rest). This type of loan has undergone massive growth in 2021, driven – not least – by developments in the UK, while also representing low risk for Aros Kapital. The company has also signed a number of partnership agreements in respect of factoring.


Aros Kapital views its finance offering as a form of partnership, typically focusing on companies that fail to fit into a traditional industry. Many customers are growth companies focusing on new technologies and business models. This is a sector where Aros Kapital see it can make a difference.

“Our analysis is a holistic assessment in which we analyse future circumstances and not just historical data and the people behind the enterprise. Many of the companies we’ve chosen to offer finance to are Tech companies where we truly believe we can develop the business together.”

Matsmart’s new solar-powered automated warehouse in Örebro was co-financed by Aros Kapital in 2021. Matsmart will eventually come to own the entire robot system on account of a leasing arrangement.


Aros Kapital opened its first overseas office in the UK in 2020, a move that’s been very successful. The company has succeeded in reaching out to new customers, particularly in the field of property finance solutions together with its partner Assetz Capital. Their strategy is to identify additional partners while also extending their offering to include more channels and launching their invoice buying service in the British market.

The successful launch in the UK is explained to an extent by the generous guarantees provided by the UK government during the pandemic, combined with the fact that Aros Kapital differ from traditional banks.

“We’re different to many other lenders in London because we’re just less bureaucratic and more nimble, and we’re much more professional. And many lenders haven’t dared take the risk even though it’s a massive market.”


2021 was Aros Capital’s strongest year ever. Turnover increased by more than SEK 200 million to SEK 566 million and profitability doubled to SEK 200 million. This success is mainly explained by the very low credit losses.

The positive experience in the UK has strengthened the company’s ambitions, and it’s now aiming to accelerate its growth and establish a presence in more markets. Aros Kapital signed a contract with a new partner in Ireland in 2021, and the company will be offering its first loans here in 2022. Aros Kapital also established a presence in Norway and is considering opening offices in Finland in future.

“Our success lies in our scope and our talented staff. We have a strong culture and their commitment is as strong as ever despite the fact the company has grown. It’s also building on our owners’ strong brand. Aros Kapital can go on moving forward quickly in an industry that’s slow-moving and traditional thanks to Mellby Gård’s financial strength, long-term vision and stability.”

This interview was conducted in December 2021 with Daniel Grüner, who was CEO at the time. Erik Berfenhag has been the acting CEO of Aros Kapital since April 2022.


Strong growth in sales by 35 per cent to SEK 566 million, and profitability doubled to SEK 200 million.

Strong development in London, with an extended team and establishment in Ireland and Norway.

Management team reinforced by a new credit manager, chief legal officer and business area managers.