Mellby Gård in brief

Mellby Gård is a family-owned, long-term investor that endeavours to preserve the entrepreneurial spirit of its companies. Here, a fundamental aspect entails being the largest shareholder in each company. This gives us appropriate opportunities to set the strategic agenda and assume overall responsibility for the companies’ development.

FOUNDED in 1986
Mellby Gård was founded in 1986 when Rune Andersson acquired the Mellby Gård farm in Sösdala. Initially, the company only conducted agricultural operations and, for a few years, expansion was achieved within Andersson & Bennet. In 1995, a 50 percent holding in Älvsbyhus and a 100 percent holding in Söderberg & Haak was acquired. The two companies remain in the Group today.

The three cornerstones of our business model, the Mellby model, are a long-term view, active corporate governance and partnership. Our objective is to take our companies from promising to leading. For us, it is fundamental to gradually develop the full potential of our holdings. We achieve this by being active owners, maintaining a close dialogue with the management of the companies and, through shareholder partnership with them, generating opportunities for them to share in the value they build.

Mellby Gård is currently present in five different verticals: industry, consumer goods, construction, agriculture and services. From an overarching portfolio perspective, it is important to balance these to spread the risks. There are currently no plans to invest in new verticals, although this is not ruled out for the future.